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backtagging: i'm down for it, always.
threadhopping: ota is a-okay. private = nope
fourthwalling: between good/bad ending castmates sure! everyone else, ask first
action vs prose: i'm fine with either but tend to do action spam a lot or prose in brackets
offensive subjects: use common sense here, but generally everything's game as long as you understand that ashley's responses can be anything from wildly disproportionate to non-existent depending on the topic. when in doubt, ask.
canon vs au: i'm down for either! (especially if certain people live/die)
shipping: f/m | chris is the otp but open to various cast pairings and cr opportunities. just ask.

physical affection/romance: close friends + family = <3 , people she just met...maybe?, total strangers = yeah, no unless circumstances (game dynamics/memes/etc) permit contact. romance can only happen between our characters if they are 17+, no exceptions. (absolutely no underage chars. ever.)
flirting: flirt all you like, ashley will either be flattered or appalled depending on who's doing what
fighting: she tries to avoid fights as much as possible but if one breaks out and involves her then she'll bite/scratch/pull hair/kick/try to punch but she's not trained and will most likely struggle and/or use objects around her for an advantage (i.e. the scissors in-game)
injuries/death: you definitely need to talk to me first.
telepathy/psychic abilities: erm...please contact me first or direct me towards an explanation of your character's abilities / a permissions sheet for your char.

until dawn: the game has several endings that can be achieved during gameplay and due to this there are opportunities for canon to diverge from Ashley's own and still be completely canon to the game itself. castmates from any of these endings are welcomed to interact with ashley but keep in mind that there will most likely be some fourthwalling because of the multiple endings. ash's canon is along the 'good ending' path.