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Hadriel App

Player name: Church
Contact: PM or Discord is best
Characters currently in-game: n/a

Character Name: Ashley Brown
Character Age: 18
Canon: Until Dawn
Canon Point: At the junction choice in the mines: Investigate Voice | Rejoin Group

History: telling my story one scream at a time


Ashley is a pretty vibrant, mostly happy person who liked to make friends and has zero problems with joking around with people she considered close. A few rounds of gentle roughhousing, a couple of hours of shop therapy, a snack-filled cram session with her friends that usually devolved into a movie marathon, or a casual joyride were just a few of the things she enjoyed doing not only because they were fun but because they were activities that didn't necessarily depend solely on her keeping them active and interesting.

While she is an active individual her energetic makeup is geared more towards being social rather than physically active. That's not to say that she hasn't slipped into some spandex and sneakers and hit the gym with Sam or Beth, or gone on little hiking trips before. However, if given a choice, she'd much rather spend time going to a movie or getting food, or even just curl up on the couch or tuck up under a comforter on her bed with a good book. That's her comfort zone and prefers to stick as close to it as possible. They way to get her to cross out of it is a lot of encouragement (or needling) from friends or family but even then she tends to just go with the flow rather than eagerly embracing the opportunity, preferring to stay a little more in the background or takes on the roles of team cheerleader, focusing attention off her. Mostly she because she strongly dislikes disappointing people.

She's a bit of a coward...and that kind of clashes a little with the fact that she's also a very direct person. She's got a solid sense of right and wrong but she's young and dumb, and really just wants people to get along. Ashley, though, is very susceptible to doubts, embarrassments, and types of coercion, letting herself be convinced that keeping quiet or staying in her lane is the right course of action. But if she pushes past those pressures, self-imposed or otherwise, Ash will step up or speak out. It's just, well, she'd really rather not because confrontations suck and she has an insanely acute fear of being shouted at and shunned.  So if there's a way for her to avoid all of that she will try her best to do so. Though...if it's about something that could deeply impact someone else she kind of feels like it's her duty not only as a friend but a good person to say something*. [Ashley chooses to let Matt look through the mounted binoculars to observe the secluded meeting between Emily and Mike. | Ashley chooses to tell everyone about what she's learned about the wendigo bite.]

Ashley is deeply curious person who likes to suss out details, investigate oddities, and work out solutions to puzzles. It helps her tremendously in her scholarly pursuits and, hopefully, future in the publishing business but it sometimes also leads her to poking her nose into places she shouldn't or finding out things that were better left in the dark, but she can't help it. She has to wants to know things and the only way she can do that is to try to find things out! For the most part, though, she tries to keep her enthusiasm for those sorts of things low-key even if she's not shy about sharing them with anyone interested, especially her friends. (She's also the go-to study partner if you need to cram because Ash has got mad test prep game.)

Overall, Ashley is just bubbly person who wants to have tons of friends, to go to college and major in creative writing with a minor in the liberal arts, to move into a cute two bedroom apartment where she'll live with two cats or a puppy, and have a successful writing career.

  • OUTFIT: black tights, jean shorts, fitted red shirt, grey hoodie, tan uggs, undergarments, socks
  • WORN ACCESSORIES: Beanie, red gloves, silver necklace, emerald ring, belt
  • flashlight (cracked/dead upon arrival)
  • wallet (1 Visa card, 1 Bank ATM card, unknown amount in cash, driver's license, several photos)
  • iphone (dead or needs charging)
  • lip gloss (pretty in peach)


Ashley doesn't have any extraordinary abilities. She's just a regular ol' human. Though...if you need some research done on something she's got a keen interest in learning and loves figuring things out.

Just start a list with this girl, honestly. Her biggest flaw, honestly, is that she's a big ol' scaredy cat, easily intimidated by threatening behaviors or big personalities, and lets herself be persuaded into conflicting courses of actions by others in order to get away from a situation, problem, or person. And when it comes to making big decisions...welp. You might as well get comfy or get your scary face on because without either a little bit of hand holding or menacing, because it's going to be a hot minute. She also is a bit flighty when the stress is high, preferring to run away or hide until things calm down.

She has a bad habit of turning on people if they hurt her in some way that she deems significant, lashing out verbally and possibly physically, and then trying to apologize or make things better after she's inflicted damage. This comes with a dose of on the fly flip-flopping emotions, and tears. A lot of tears. It's a mess and she'll most likely not mean any of it but it's a real shit show when it's happening and can leave both parties exhausted or dead.

Also, it will surprise no one that stress is not her friend. If the pressure is oppressive enough she'll either shut down, turning cold and quiet, or become irrational and neurotic. It doesn't happen often but when it does just batten down the hatches and weather the storm or just leave her to freakout/decompress alone. It's the only real way to avoid the ensuing fallout of her breakdown. [Please don't slap her. Slapping her isn't advised because that's mean and she'll cry. Ok? Ok.]

Action Log Sample: [TDM]